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Event Scheduling

Thank you for considering Nashville State for your upcoming event or meeting! We are very proud of our campuses and the communities we serve.

As a community college, our primary focus is supporting our students in their educational journey. We will do our best to accommodate your request; however, there may be times when we are not able to approve a request due to other college priorities or commitments.

Requesting a Reservation

  1. Read the Campus Facilities Policy.
  2. See our spaces.
  3. Browse space availability using the online Reservation Request form below.
  4. Submit the Reservation Request form.
  5. Notification will be provided via email to the primary contact.

For questions about large meetings or meetings with external guests, please contact

Reservation Request Forms

External Guests

Individuals or groups that are not an employee, student, or officially sponsored group of Nashville State.

See the fee schedule for costs related to room rental, equipment, and support services. An estimate of fees will be provided on the summary page prior to submitting the request. This request does not guarantee a confirmed reservation. The request will be reviewed by internal parties to determine if the request can be approved, and services rendered.

  • Small Meeting (1-40 people): A minimum of 2 weeks prior.
  • Large Meeting (40+ people): A minimum of 4 weeks prior.
  • Event (conference, training, performance, etc.): A minimum of 6 weeks prior.
External Reservation Request

Current Students

Students who are currently enrolled. An A number is required to submit the form.

All requests will be first reviewed by the Student Life Director. Requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the meeting or event.

Student Reservation Request

Nashville State Employees

Current employees who wish to reserve space on campus or who require the use of campus equipment for Nashville State-related meetings or events.

Requests made outside of this request form (phone calls, emails) will be returned with a request to complete this request form.

Requests are required for the following:
  • Internal meetings: Staff meetings, project meetings, meetings hosted by the college with external guests (we called the meeting). Minimum of 24 hours prior.
  • College-sponsored events (non-meetings):
    • Small (1-25 people): Minimum of 1 week prior.
    • Medium (26-50 people): Minimum of 2 weeks prior.
    • Large (50+ people): Minimum of 4 weeks prior.
  • Equipment: tables, chairs, podium, table linens, etc.
If you are contacted by an external guest about the use of our facilities, please direct them o the External Guests portion of this page. Employees should not fill out the request form on behalf of an external guest.

Employee Reservation Request