Student Support Resources

From food and childcare to textbook and accessibility assistance, we’re here for you! Nashville State offers a variety of support services, so all students can succeed.

Resources. Assistance. Support Beyond the Classroom.

Help at Home

Access to basic needs should never be a concern, especially while you’re in school. Our Foundation is proud to offer these resources so you can focus on your education.

Need food?

Campus Cupboard

Need childcare?

Childcare Assistance

Need transportation?

Transportation Assistance

Textbooks & Tech Assistance

We know in today's digital age how important it is to have access to the most recent textbooks and tech. Look to these programs for help.

Aid for Textbooks

Textbook Assistance

Find the Tech

Technology Loans

Accessibility & Wellbeing Resources

You do your best when you feel your best. Find support outside of the classroom, so you can succeed inside the classroom.

Looking for disability accommodations?

Disability & Accessibility Information

Looking for physical or mental support?

Health & Wellbeing

So as far as Nashville State is concerned, there are so many people, so many resources here for you to just reach out and ask somebody for help, and they’re willing to help you.
I persevered and continued to reach out to resources, to instructors, to other students, and I spent a lot of time here in the library. "
Carla, Central Sterile Processing Technology Technical Certificate, Class of 2020

Meet the Resource Manager

The Student Resource Managers at Nashville State Community College work with you to identify social, emotional, or academic challenges and develop strategies that will aid in your classroom performance. They serve as a support link between students, faculty, and staff, to support your academic success. They collaborate with community partners, as an educator and advocate for Nashville State students like you!

To submit a request for assistance, please complete the CARE Referral Form.

Courtney Woodard

Student Resources Manager/Social Work

Room 1324, Southeast Campus

Additional Resources by County