Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships, grants, loans; there’s plenty of aid available to make college affordable for you. Apply for Nashville State scholarships, federal financial aid, and Tennessee financial aid for college. Achieve your dreams without breaking the bank!

Federal Financial Aid

In order to be considered for federal grants and scholarships, your first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Before doing that, you should know about all of the types of aid and what’s required from you when applying.
Grants are awards you don’t pay back. Apply for a grant through the federal government or the state of Tennessee through the FAFSA.
Loans are funds you repay after leaving college. They feature low-interest rates and offer payment deferment options if you have issues making payments. Be sure to complete the NSCC Financial Aid Form to apply for these.
Work-study programs allow you to work and earn money to pay for your education as you go through the college process. Your paycheck will be made out to you and you can decide how to apply it.

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Tennessee Scholarships

Financial aid for Tennessee residents can take the form of scholarships you don’t have to pay back. Learn more about these popular options that help make Nashville State affordable.

Receive two years of tuition-free attendance at Nashville State. High school seniors in Tennessee may apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship to cover the remaining balance after federal aid is awarded. Jumpstart your college career for free with the Tennessee Promise scholarship.

Receive up to five years of tuition-free attendance at Nashville State. Tennessee Reconnect is for adults in Tennessee who have never earned a degree before. Advance your education and career with the Tennessee Reconnect scholarship.


Additional Financial Support

Contact the Financial Aid Office

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