Apply for Financial Aid

Don’t let the cost of tuition stop you from continuing your education. Financial aid can significantly decrease the cost of college or even allow you to attend for free at Nashville State. Take it one step at a time and contact the Financial Aid office if you need help.

Important Dates

Don’t miss these important deadlines for receiving aid.  

Important Dates by Semester

The Financial Aid Process at Nashville State

Follow these steps all the way through to make sure you apply and receive your aid.  

Remember: You must complete the FAFSA each school year to receive aid.

Ease the application process by collecting all of the necessary information first. Use the FAFSA Checklist to determine what you need and where to find it.

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is free and required to receive aid. 

  • Complete the FAFSA on the Federal Student Aid site.  
  • Use the Nashville State federal school code: 007534 
  • Contact the Federal Student Aid for additional FAFSA support at 1-800-4-FED-AID 

As a Tennessee resident, you may also be eligible for state aid by completing the federal form.

Step 3: Nashville State Will Receive your FAFSA

Nashville State will receive your completed FAFSA within 7 - 10 days after it is processed. Check your myNSCC account to ensure it is received.

Step 4: If Selected, Provide Verification Forms

Some students are selected each year for verification. If you are selected, you are required to submit additional forms or documentation before your financial aid can be awarded. These documents must be submitted online in your student portal, by mail, or by fax. Make sure to include your A# on all of the documents. 

Fax: (615) 353-3202 

Mail: Nashville State Community College
Financial Aid Office 
120 White Bridge Road 
Nashville, TN 37209 

This process can take 4 - 6 weeks, so don’t wait!

Stay on top of your financial aid requirements and status through your myNSCC account. 

  • Login to your myNSCC account 
  • Click the My Self-Service tab 
  • Click the Financial Aid tab 
  • Click on Financial Aid Status and select the appropriate year 
  • Click on Student Requirements
  • Click NSCC Financial Aid Application
Always check your myNSCC account to ensure your balance owed is covered. 

Need additional support?

FAFSA Help Videos

Financial Aid FAQ


Federal financial aid only pays for classes that are required for your Course Program of Study (CPoS). This means:  

  • Only classes needed for graduation in your current major will be covered. This includes prerequisite classes, Learning Support, and ESOL courses as long as you are eligible. 
  • You must work closely with your academic advisor to ensure you are choosing the correct classes.
  • You should use Degree Works to check that you have declared the correct major.
  • If you need to change your major, use the “What If” function in Degree Works to review the effect a change of major will have on your progression to graduation.
  • You must file the change of major form with the Records office by the deadline each term.
  • Complete the NSCC Financial Aid Form online (be sure to answer the question about miscellaneous charges) to make the most of your aid. The link to this is in your myNSCC account under financial aid requirements. 

After the first two weeks of classes, changes to your schedule will not result in an increase in any federal aid.

You will know if the class is covered if:

  • The class shows as a requirement on your Degree Works. 
  • You have signed paperwork with your advisor to substitute a required class (must be submitted to Records before the first two weeks of class for that semester).
  • You are retaking a previously passed required course for the first time. 

Classes that are not covered will show on your myNSCC alert box. Log into your myNSCC account to view your personal alert box.

Federal financial aid requires recipients to comply with Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). This means you must make progress towards earning your degree. These requirements are: 

  • Maintain Nashville State GPA requirements 
  • A 67% completion rate 
  • Not to exceed the maximum time frame 

Check out our Catalog for more detailed information.

Verification is a US Dept. of Education process to check the accuracy of the FAFSA. Selection can be random or due to missing or inconsistent information. If you are selected for verification, submit the requested documents to Nashville State’s financial aid office preferably within two weeks of the request. These documents may include:  

  • Your signed federal tax return and/or your parent(s) or spouse's
  • W-2
  • IRS non-filing letter 

When submitting the documents, always include your A# on all documents. Once these documents are submitted, they will be reviewed, and if additional information is needed, the student will be notified.

  • If you have questions about required courses, contact your advisor. 
  • If you have questions about major changes, contact your advisor. 
  • If you have questions about Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 615-353-3250 or 
  • If you have questions about graduation, contact the Records Office at 615-353-3218 or

Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to monitor your progress toward completing your degree program. Nashville State students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for financial aid.

Learn More about SAP

Nashville State's SAP Policy

Contact the Financial Aid Office

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