Nine Nashville State Surgical Technology Students Awarded Scholarships from VUMC


The partnership between Nashville State Community College and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)’s for Programs in Allied Health continues to produce successful educational and career outcomes.

In this instance, to address a Surgical Technologist staffing shortage, VUMC has provided nine Nashville State Surgical Technology students with a $4,000 scholarship and $1,500 to support living expenses.

“With the current and future need, which will only increase with the opening of the new hospital tower next year, we look to Nashville State as our valuable partner to assist us in filling these important positions,” said Peggy Valentine, EdD., Vice President of Allied Health Education for VUMC.

Upon graduation from Nashville State, the scholarship recipients will have a job at VUMC, where they are obliged to work for one year. Employment after that initial year may continue. 

The nine students include:

  • Jennifer Koerner
  • Karla Dayhoff
  • Kyra Tucker
  • Regina Bynum
  • Theresa Sheldon
  • Ma Raemie Fuerte
  • Wynter Ruzicka
  • Deja Adams
  • Jessica Willix
Nine Nashville State Surgical Technology students awarded scholarships from VUMC

Nine Nashville State Surgical Technology students awarded scholarships from VUMC.

When speaking about what this means to students and VUMC, Nashville State’s Director of Central Processing Technology and Surgical Technology, Van Bates, CST, BA, said, “They will be working for an employer known for encouraging and promoting continued education and career advancement. Previous graduates who went on to Vanderbilt are now leading teams that help new Nashville State students start their pathway into the Medical Center.”

VUMC and Nashville State have been working together for the past two years on a Medical Assistant program and a Central Sterile Processing program to address staffing shortages in those respective career fields.

More scholarships may be awarded during the Spring 2024 semester.

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