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Discover life at Nashville State beyond the classroom. Enhance your college experience by meeting new people, participating in community service, and listening to a range of speakers. We’re proud to offer you a variety of honor, social, and academic clubs. Find what interests you, and if it’s not here yet - start a club!


Channel Your Passion

Find the club that interests you and share your passion. From poetry and photography to cyber defense and renewable energy, there's a club for you!
Nashville State Community College Profiles
English A.A.
Poetry doesn't really have a lot of rules especially if you're the creator. I channeled a lot of emotion that I felt throughout the day into my poetry or things that I consistently think about and it ended up being poetry.
Lili loves to write and enjoys the freedom of poetry. Southern Word at Nashville State is one way you can join Lili, express yourself, and learn more about the power of the written — and spoken — word.

Find Where You Fit In: List of Clubs & Organizations

Scan through the list below and see what stands out to you. Some clubs are specific to certain majors or invitation-only. For more information or to join a club, email the advisor.

Advisor: Pam Esposito

The Architectural and Civil Engineering Student Association provides opportunities for:  

  • education advancement. 
  • career enhancement.
  • public outreach and community service. 

If you’re a current student in the Architecture or Construction program, join us to experience hands-on learning and build your résumé! 

Advisor: Jack Wallace 

Advisor: Dave Edgington

Advisor: Jennifer Goncalves

Interested in environmental concerns, recycling, and renewable resources? Join Green Sleeves and give back by: 

  • teaching the local community about sustainability and being environmentally friendly.
  • participating in eco-friendly community service projects. 

For more information, check out the Green Sleeves Guide. 

Advisor: Jessica Rabb 

Highly motivated students are encouraged to apply for the Honors College Association. Be a part of enrichment activities that enhance academic studies and support the ideals of the Honors College. 

Advisor: René Bataille 

Business majors may be invited to join Kappa Beta Delta, an international honor society for business students. Be recognized for your scholarship, accomplishments, and developments in the world of business. 

This is an invitation-only organization. 

Advisor: David Adams 

Are you part of the LGBTQ community or a really great ally? The LGBTQ Alliance strives to: 

  • promote LGBTQ rights. 
  • educate the public on sexual and gender orientation issues. 
  • provide a safe place for people of all sexual and gender orientations and identities to meet. 

Join the alliance to feel a sense of community and meet others who care about you. 

Advisor: Keri Laprairie 

Advisor: Gail Harris

Take part in the Music Society as we help you develop your musical abilities through practice and community service. Feel supported and encouraged by our continuous learning environment and share your passion for music. 

Advisor: David Edgington 

Members are invited to join the National Society of Leadership and Success. Enhance your leadership and interpersonal communication skills with our resources and engagement opportunities. 

Find us on Facebook and National Society of Leadership and Success. 

This is an invitation-only organization. 

Advisors: Evelyn Hadley, Laura Moran, and Nicole Hubbs 

Members are invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, an international college honors society. The NSCC chapter of PTK strives to promote student scholarship and community service.  

This is an invitation-only organization. 

Advisor: Don Turner 

Advisor: Bir Bohara

Advisor: Lindsay Hager

Pursuing a degree in the field of science? Join the Science Student Association! Be a member to: 

  • promote awareness of science and science-related fields.
  • attend guest lectures.
  • participate in community service opportunities.
  • take part in research conferences. 

Advisor: Jeff Green 

Advisor: Peter Ortner

Are you a writer, rapper, singer, or poet? Join Southern Word at NSCC. By taking part in our community, you’ll gain access to: 

  • workshops that focus on writing for a purpose in all fields of the written and spoken word. 
  • events that advance your skills and better the community.
  • the NSCC Talent Showcase. 

Advisor: Heidi Blaisdell  

Run for student government and serve the student body. Be the voice of the student community to the college’s administration and make your voice heard. For more information, go to Student Government or visit our office in the Student Services Building, Room S-114. 

Advisor: Kelsey Johansen

Occupational therapy students are welcome to join SOTA. Become a member to access peer support and community service opportunities. 

Advisor: Cynthia Morgan 

Surgical technology students are welcome to join STSO. Become a member to receive: 

  • additional academic support. 
  • experience that will boost your resume.  
  • community service opportunities. 

Advisor: Van Bates 

Engineering students are invited to join Tau Alpha Pi, a national honors society for those in the field of engineering technology. Be recognized for your high standards of scholarship and stand out from the rest. 

This is an invitation-only organization. 

Advisor: Rob Donaldson 

Don't see something you like? Start your own organization!

Student Life will support you in creating your very own student organization and recruiting members. Student clubs are eligible to utilize student activity fee funding for club events.   

  1. Recruit four student members 
  2. Find a Faculty/Staff Advisor 
  3. Utilize our template to write your own club constitution

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